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Return to Building Plan


                                                RETURN TO BUILDING PLAN

                                          June 9, 2021, as adopted by Council

                                For the purpose of returning to in-person gatherings in our building.

                                It is our intent to open our building immediately for the purpose of conducting meetings of less than 20 people.

                                It is our intent to open our building for worship service(s) on June 13, 2021, limiting the two rooms that we will open to 25                                         people or less per room.

                              The following will be communicated to our congregants, our staff and any group requesting use of the building.

  1.  There will be only two doors open on Sunday mornings.  One will be the front doors, facing Third street, which is a handicap accessible entrance.  The other will be the door that faces the parking lot.

  2. Members and visitors will be required to sign in upon entering the church.

  3. There will be two rooms open to the public; both are accessible through the front door

    1. The sanctuary

    2. The Chapel Room off the sanctuary (not handicap accessible)

  4. There will be one restroom open to the public; the handicap accessible gender-neutral restroom in the vestibule. Cleaning supplies will be available in that restroom and those who use it will be required to use them to wipe all fixtures, including light switches, as they are leaving that room

  5. There will be no hymnals, writing utensils, and sadly, no Bibles in the two rooms that are accessible. We encourage bringing your own Bible to church --  BYOB!. 

  6. There will be no toys available to the children or children at heart; quiet activities can be brought from home but should not be shared outside your household/family group

  7. There will be no staffed nursery or child care available.

  8. We will have limited seating available. Barriers should not be removed.

  9. Meeting attendees will be responsible for wiping down surfaces after use. Groups outside the church who use our facility will be required to do the same. Materials will be provided in designated areas.

  10.  Communion will be offered during worship.  The disposable cups will be used and you are asked to deposit the empty vessels as you exit the service.

  11. There will not be bulletins or announcements distributed in the church

  12. There will be a container at the front of the church in which tithes and offerings can be deposited as we exit the church.

Our church family will be encouraged to worship from home via Zoom if they aren’t feeling well or don’t feel safe joining us in the building.

All attendees will be instructed to call the church office at 717-436-6750 or Pastor Mindy at 717-513-7194 immediately upon developing symptoms or being diagnosed as COVID-19 positive within 14 days of a visit to our building. HIPPA laws prevent us from sharing specific names with others, so we will not share names, but will notify everyone who was in the building with an infected person of the potential risk. Our District Superintendent will
determine if our building must close for two weeks upon notice of a positive test result.


We will continue to make disciples for the transformation of the world, despite our circumstances.

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