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Staff Openings

To apply, complete and return an APPLICATION no later than December 27, 2019.
Pastor Denise Haskins
RE Treasurer Position
Aldersgate UMC
109 N. 3rd Street
Mifflintown, PA 17059
Church Treasurer

The Church Treasurer is responsible to the pastor and the church for performing their duties related to the ministries of Aldersgate United Methodist Church. The Church Treasurer should radiate a personality that reflects Christ’s concern for people and demonstrate technical and professional competencies required of the position.


The Treasurer deals with highly confidential giving and salary information on a regular basis. Therefore, the Treasurer is expected to treat this information with the utmost confidentiality and responsibility. No financial information shall be divulged to anyone not specifically authorized by the Church Council. Violation of this imperative will result in immediate termination.


The Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) will negotiate a salary commensurate with the Treasurer’s experience. It is anticipated the job will require approximately 20 hours of work per month.


The Treasurer should communicate regularly and as requested by the Pastor and the Chair of the Finance Committee.


The Treasurer shall be adequately bonded by the Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church and will complete Safe Sanctuary certification.


The responsibilities of the Treasurer include the following.

  • Make regular and detailed reports on funds received and expended to the Finance Committee and the Church Council. The Treasurer will attend the meetings of these committees as a non-voting member. Attendance is paid time.

  • Assist the Finance Committee in developing an annual budget.

  • Be knowledgeable or obtain knowledge of church finances and accountability.

  • Oversee and account for assets and liabilities, according to decisions of the church committees in a reasonable, ethical, and legal manner.

  • Supervise timely payment of ordinary operating expenditures, including payroll. For irregular or non-operating expenditures, obtain permission or approval of the appropriate authority.

  • Post transactions to the church ledger using the church’s accounting software.

  • Reconcile bank account statements to the church ledger.

  • Arrange for an audit/review of financial records and processes annually.

  • Prepare financial sections of the Annual Report.

  • Prepare and report year-end tax information including 1099-Misc and W-2 forms.

  • Provide a detailed financial report for the Annual Charge Conference

  • Other tasks as assigned by the Pastor.


The Church will provide the accounting software. All checks must be stored and printed at the Church.