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About Us

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Believing in Jesus Christ is only the first step in a life-long journey with our loving God. We are a community of faith dedicated to helping one another be intentional and deliberate in our growth as disciples.

Believe in the mercy and grace offered through Jesus Christ, our Savior.

"If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.
- Romans 10:9

Experience transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Glorify God in worship.

  • Grow in the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

  • Give of your gifts and resources to serve others.

Share the love of God with others.

Pray that others may feel the presence of God in their lives and invite them to worship or another church activity.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world in accordance with the United Methodist Church.

Our vision is Energizing Aldersgate to connect Christ and the community by engaging, educating, empowering, and encouraging.



In late 1784 at the now famous Christmas Conference, at Lovely Lane Chapel in Baltimore, the Methodist Episcopal Church was officially begun.


The first mention of Methodist preaching in our area was 1822.  However, because of a most bitter spirit of persecution toward Methodists, it would be another 12 years before a parish is officially formed.


It was Rev. Wesley Howe, native of Millerstown, Perry County, who founded the congregation in 1834. Without a church building and the people poor, the meetings were held in private houses.  Later permission was granted to worship in the Court House.


In 1838, the present church site was purchased and a year later a Sunday School was organized.  In 1847, the first church was built and dedicated.  This was to serve as a meeting place at a cost of $3,000.


In 1937, the officials of the church, who had been planning for several years to either remodel the old church or build a new one, deciding upon an extensive remodeling program. The top story of the old building was torn down, so that the sanctuary was on the ground level and a new school unit was added at a cost of $23,000.


On Palm Sunday, 1943, as people gathered for the morning service, a fire broke out in the furnace room, spreading rapidly to other parts of the church.  The building, which was only five years old, was damaged to the extent of $5,000.  


In writing new insurance policies, as a result of the fire, it was decided to change the name of the church.  On May 30, 1943, by congregational vote, the name was changed from First Methodist Episcopal Church, to Aldersgate Methodist Church.  The name Aldersgate commemorates John Wesley’s experience of faith and salvation at a prayer meeting on Aldersgate Street, in London.

Compiled by Don Whitsel

Pastors Who Have Served at Aldersgate

1834-35  Wesley Howe

1836-37  George Berkstresser

1836-37  Joseph MecKeenan, Jr

1838-39  J.M. Clark

1840-41  Joseph McKeenan

1842-43  Jacob Gruber

1844  W.M. Meminger

1844-45  Gideon Day

1846  James Guyer

1846  J.N. Spangler

1847-48  Franklin Dyson

1848  Noah Schlosser

1849  G Stevenson

1850-51 Ephraim McCullom

1851  Henry Ewing

1852-53  N.S. Buckingham

1854-55  Franklin Gearhart

1854  R.E. Wilson

1856-57  W.A. Mckee

1856  S. Lilley

1857  Job A. Price

1858  John W. Langley

1858  M.K. Foster

1859  John W. Langley

1860  Philip B. Reese

1861-62  John Stine

1863  S.H.C. Smith

1865-67  E.W. Kirby

1868-70  A.M. Barnitz

1871-73  Hiles C. Pardoe

1874-75  G.D. Penepacker

1876-77  Thomas Sherlock

1878-79  R.E. Wilson

1880-81  W.V. Ganoe

1881-84  M.L. Smith

1885-86  J.B. Mann

1887-89  A.R. Miller

1890-91  S. Milton Frost

80 pastors in 186 years

1892-94  M.L. Drum

1895-98  John H. Mortimer

1899-1901  William W. Picken

1902-05  J.D.W. Deavor

1905-08  Isaac Heckman

1908-12  Frank Leidy

1912-16  E.E.A. Deavor

1916-18  W. Edward Watkins

1918 March-July  F. Grant Sleep

1918-22  Cloyd W. Fields

1923-28  H.T. Covert

1929-30  G.W. McLinay

1931-36  William R. Jones

1937  J.E. Kahler

1937-43  Rollin H. Taylor

1943-47  Roy O Botdorf

1947-50  George Harrison

1950-55  D. Owen Brubaker

1955-59  Forest R. Stonge

1959 July-March 61 J. Robert Hovenstine

1961 March-July  Howard Fitzgerald

1961 Aug.  K. Belmont Metzger

1961 Sept  Howard Fitzgerald

1961- Sept 65  Edwin H. Rohrbeck

1965-70  Neil R. Albright

1970-Feb 1974  Jay M. Derk

1974-March 77  Donald N. Stover

1977-84  James C. Bonsell

1984-91  Jack L. Rider

1991-June 97  Johnathon C. Terry III

97-2006  Douglas M. Compton

2006-2008  Michael J. Leedom

2008-2009  Gerald R. Miller

2008-2009  Charles L. Stump

2009-2014  James B. Wooster

2014-2018  Stephanie P. Rupert

2018-2020 Denise M. Haskins

2020-Present Mindy Petrovcic


Denominational Connection

Aldersgate United Methodist Church is part of the Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church as part of the State College District.

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