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We come together for worship each Sunday morning
Sunday  School 9 am  to 9:30 am on Zoom
 Sunday Worship 9:45 am Church Building 
Sunday Worship 9:45 am  on Zoom or
Sunday Worship on the Phone
Phone number: 301-715-8592
Toll-Free number 888-475-4499 
Meeting ID: 827 5363 0265 then #
Or let us call you on the phone, see how below.
Sunday Worship "We Call You"
How it works:
  1. Your phone will ring between 9:25 till 9:40 on Sunday morning.
  2. Answer the phone and press 1.
  3. You are in the service and can talk to others who have already joined before the service begins
  4. Enjoy the service.
That is all there is to it!
Sign up by contacting the church office ahead of time. 
Phone 717-436-6750 or email
What we need to know::
  • The phone number where we should call you
  • If you wish to be called a single Sunday, or every Sunday
  • A convenient time if you want to try it before Sunday morning with a practice call
We look forward to worshipping with you!
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